Past Projects

Havelock, Ontario

Our team purchased this property in the rural city of Havelock as the seller had trouble maintaining the property as wanted to relocate and downsize. Our team was able to purchase the property as-is and in cash.

Our seller was able to purchase a new property and leave any of his unwanted belongings in his old house which significantly helped make his moving process easier. We were able to fully renovate this property from top to bottom and converted the unfinished basement to more living space.

Etobicoke, Ontario

The seller had tenanted this property for over a decade and over time the property slowly deteriorated. Unfortunately, the seller was unable to keep up with the renovation costs as there was many extensive fixes required including electrical, water damaged basement, and a hole in the roof.

Our team was able to purchase this property cash and completed renovations within a 2 month timeline. In the process, we also added a secondary basement suite to add much needed affordable rental units in the City of Toronto.

Sudbury, Ontario

We purchased this property in Sudbury from a homeowner who ran into unfortunate financial difficulties. The property did not qualify for any financial institution financing as it was deemed unsafe to live in.

We were able to prevent a foreclosure by providing a cash offer to the owner. We worked with our investor partners to close this property in cash.  We did a major renovation overhaul in 2 months and even converted the unused attic space into a legal master bedroom.

Windsor, Ontario

We purchased this property within a month of closing in Windsor Ontario. The seller was dealing with tenants who were destroying the property. The seller had no luck with evictions during the Landlord Tenant Board lockdown and thus contacted us to sell their problem property.

We were able to close on the property with the tenants in and turn around the property in a matter of 4 months including the eviction process. We have now converted this property to an affordable rental to a beautiful family of 4. Check out the photos below to see our transformation!

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