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Do I Have Options After My Home Goes Into Foreclosure?

If you’re one of the countless people facing foreclosure on a home that you can’t afford, it’s easy to feel hopeless. Nobody buys a home believe that it will be foreclosed upon in the future. Seeking help following a foreclosure can be difficult and even a little embarrassing.

With 47% of foreclosed-upon homes remaining occupied, foreclosure is not a simple process. It’s also important to remember that you need to do more than look up “how to sell my home fast Guelph” if you want to find out about your options when facing foreclosure. It’s time to stop thinking about selling your home fast and do something to make it happen.

You can still sell your home following a foreclosure, believe it or not. This just requires ingenuity and a willingness to negotiate.

How Does The Foreclosure Process Begin?

Typically, homeowners facing foreclosure will be sent a foreclosure notice after their fourth missed payment. This notice begins the foreclosure process, which could then take another six months to a year (depending on how you and your lender negotiate).

What this does is leave you with time to explore other options. If you’ve been wondering, ‘What’s the best way to sell my home fast Guelph residents can trust?,’ you might be overwhelmed by your options. It’s easy to be intimidated initially, but finding a home buyer when your house is facing foreclosure is possible.

How Can I Sell My Home After Receiving A Foreclosure Notice?

Many homeowners aren’t aware that they can sell their homes going through foreclosure up until the home is sold at auction by the lender, or until the bank takes possession of the house. The period up until one of those events occurs is referred to as pre-foreclosure; it’s during that period that you can settle your debts with the lender.

Why Should I Sell My Home Rather Than Having It Foreclosed Upon?

You may be wondering what the point is in selling your home rather than having it foreclosed upon. Either way, you’ll lose your house, right?

Yes, but the point is not keeping your house. The point is setting yourself up for a better future. If your home is foreclosed upon, your credit will be damaged for the long term. If you sell your house for enough money, you may be able to settle your debts with your lender by paying off back mortgage payments, fees, and other debts. A foreclosure can potentially damage your credit so badly that you won’t be able to buy another house in the future. This is why you need to look into other options — and that starts with a search involving “how to sell my home fast Guelph.”

How Do I Proceed With Selling My Home Quickly?

Firstly, you need to notify your lender that you will be attempting to sell the home. The amount of time that you have to sell your property will depend on the laws where you live. It may be a good idea to sell the house yourself, as a real estate agent would require a commission that would take even more money away from the final sale price.

You should also think about working with buyers that offer cash for homes. These buyers don’t need to take the time to be approved for a mortgage, and furthermore, they will often buy the house as-is. Those that make a cash offer on homes are ready to buy will take less time. You’ll have the money in your bank account sooner and will be able to pay off your lender more quickly. The option to sell a house for cash is usually the speediest one.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed when looking up “how to sell my home fast Guelph.” There are clear options ahead of you, and if you’re willing to negotiate with your lender and work with a cash buyer, you can avoid foreclosure.

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